Doccurate: A Curation-Based Approach for Clinical Text Visualization

Published in IEEE transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) (VAST’18), 2018

Recommended citation: Sultanum, N., Singh, D., Brudno, M. and Chevalier, F., 2019. Doccurate: A Curation-Based Approach for Clinical Text Visualization. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics (TVCG) (N. 25-1 pp. 142-151). IEEE.

In this work we present Doccurate, a novel system embodying a curation-based approach for the visualization of large clinical text datasets. Our approach offers automation auditing and customizability to physicians while also preserving and extensively linking to the original text. We discuss findings of a formal qualitative evaluation conducted with 6 domain experts, shedding light onto physicians’ information needs, perceived strengths and limitations of automated tools, and the importance of customization while balancing efficiency. We also present use case scenarios to showcase Doccurate’s envisioned usage in practice.