I’m a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Toronto, working with Fanny Chevalier and Michael Brudno. My thesis research is on facilitating clinician access to information stored in medical text using data visualization.

My research interests generally fall on computer visual interaction – encompassing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Graphics and Data Visualization – and its many embodiments and applications. More recently, I’ve been particularly interested in designing visual systems to support complex sensemaking over text collections. I’m passionate about applied research and have explored various application domains in the past, including education, games, arts & design, oil & gas, and medicine.

Before joining UofT, I was also a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research - Brazil (2012-2015) working under Renato Cerqueira as part of the Natural Resources group, and a Master’s student at the University of Calgary (2009-2011) working under Mario Costa Sousa and Ehud Sharlin. I have also interned at Microsoft Research and Adobe Research.

Feel free to check my Publications page or CV for more details on my past work.